How can I improve the air quality in my home naturally?

Air pollution is the recent times primary problem and even the air is not pure. There are outdoor pollutants and it is a must to know how to make your home air cleaner?

Dust and smoke are visible pollutants.  These generate due to airborne microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, dust mites, flowers pollen, dead skin cells, and other household chemicals. Though there are air purifiers, they are either very expensive or less effective. Fortunately, there are a few effective and pocket-friendly ways of improving in your home the air quality naturally.

Ways to Improve Air Quality naturally indoors

House Plants

Keep in your home leafy indoor plants. It beautifies your home and helps purify the air. They are the cost-effective ways of improving air quality within your home. They are easy to take care of and look pretty. Plants are natural air filters and adding a few indoor plants does wonders in promoting the air quality indoors. Adding small plants such as lilies and ferns indoors make the best choice, while adding larger palm trees help pull out contaminants of the air.

Change AC filter

Air-conditioning systems maintain a perfect temperature. As they cycle, they filter some air pollutants. Gradually, the AC air filters get filled up and stop their job. This deteriorates the AC system and results in costly repairs. Thus, it is must to change regularly the AC filters, consider regular hvac maintenance, especially if you are living in an allergy-prone or metropolitan area with pollution high levels.

Use Cooking vents

Indoor air pollutants are commonly from the kitchen. Harmful contaminants are released by gas stoves and it has the combination of nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. The electric burners produce the same combination, but in lower levels, besides other particles that is absorbed easily into your bloodstream. Therefore, keeping the kitchen cooking vents on or opening the kitchen window helps filtering the air better.

Keep carpets and rugs clean

Carpets and rugs increase your comfort at home. They trap dust, acting as air filters. They also trap other particles. Cleaning your rugs and carpets weekly will keep the air quality improved in your home.

Control humidity

Moist and humid conditions breed mildew and mold, thereby triggering respiratory issues such as asthma and allergies. The summer months bring humid conditions that the moisture amount is reduced in the air and the growth of the molds is curbed with well-placed dehumidifiers. Using humidifier control humidity, it creates comfortable conditions, and ensures your home more cleaner air.

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