How You Can Enliven an Old Kitchen With a Remodel

The kitchen is the busiest place in the house. Even on days where everyone’s too busy to lounge around on the couch, a stop or two will be made in the kitchen grab-and-go style. It makes perfect sense, that just like in real life, a kitchen needs a breath of fresh air to enliven its spirits.

In this quick blog post, we’re going to share a few ideas that are sure to add the ol’ spark back to your kitchen.

Update The Backsplash

Inevitably, the backsplash is going to get splattered with food from pasta sauce, meat juice, and hot oil. Luckily, you can prevent all those particles from destroying your beautiful white kitchen all look good while doing it.

Updating your backsplash is a cost-effective way to give your kitchen a new look while protecting the most abused area. You can add new changes to the material or re-do the existing material. A coat or two of paint is also a good option if you’re short on money and/or time.

New or Refinished Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets take a lot of abuse on a daily basis. More, over the years older styles of kitchen cabinets have gone out of style in dramatic fashion. Luckily, the choices are a plenty if you think it’s time to renovate your cabinet space.

If you’re tight on money, one of the most cost-effective home renovations you can make is restaining your cabinets. According to Elite Finisher, the average cost to restrain your cabinets is between $2,500 – $5,000 while installing new cabinets will run between $6,000 – $9,500.

New Flooring

The kitchen is the hardest working part of your house. It receives foot traffic all day long as everyone from adults, kids, and pets while grace it with their presence. Picking the right kitchen flooring is important because it’s not something you can realistically update on a regular basis. It’s likely that the flooring in your home has never been changed before, so think wisely.

You want your kitchen to be a warm and inviting space. For this reason, we are a big fan of hardwood floors, but tile is currently the most popular flooring option.

Durability, style, comfort, and price are all factors you’ll want to consider when renovating your flooring.

Final Thoughts

Are you dreaming of a new kitchen, but don’t have the money to renovate the whole kitchen at once? You can still renovate it one step at a time, or just pick out the one thing you don’t like and change just that.

Hopefully, this article gave you some inspiration for your next kitchen remodel. If you’d like some help, contact the team at Bela Development to get a free quote.

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