Iqaluit Dental Clinic Looks at Ways to Select the Perfect Bathroom Lights


According to Iqaluit Dental Clinic, it is important to fit your bathroom with the perfect lighting solution in order to enjoy the best grooming experience and create a suitable ambience for your other bathroom needs. And, in order to achieve that you need to consider the layout of the bathroom, the lighting types, and the suitable lighting fixtures that would best fit the space.

Tipps & Tricks

Here are a few tips you can follow to select the perfect bathroom lights:

  1. Ambient lighting – Your bathroom space needs to be illuminated properly during the night in the absence of natural light. Typically, homeowners choose surface-mounted ceiling lights as their ambient lighting solutions. However, investing in a chandelier, ‘cove lighting’, or pendant lamp can be a more creative solution.

If your bathroom has a powder room or decorative art pieces, you can install a small, recessed spotlight directed at them to create another layer of light. Additionally, you can install a recessed shower fixture and tilt them at an angle of 35 degrees to highlight fixtures and beautiful tile work.

It is also necessary to install light fixtures on either side of the bathroom vanity mirror, ideally 36-40 inches apart and about 66 inches above the floor. This would help to eliminate shadows under the eyes, chin, and cheeks and ensure proper illumination on your face for all your grooming needs.

  1. Task lighting – It is recommended that you avoid installing recessed ceiling fixtures directly over the mirror since they can cast shadows on your face. Instead, it is better to install vertical fixtures or mount sconces on either side of the mirror. Also, ensure that the vanity lighting solution you choose is at least 150 watts and spread over a fixture at least 24 inches to facilitate proper illumination.

Shower lighting is not necessary for smaller bathrooms. However, if you choose to install one, ensure that it comes with a glass lens since plastic can turn yellow over time.

  1. Suitable bulbs – Low-voltage halogen bulbs that include a built-in transformer to convert 120 volts to 12 volts are the best bulb option if you want crisp white light that produces accurate skin tones. Low-voltage halogen bulbs cost more than standard incandescent bulbs, but they are more durable.

The medium-base varieties are compact and can fit most fixtures. Alternatively, you can choose modern compact fluorescent bulbs since these are up to 10 times more efficient than regular incandescent bulbs and offer better colour rendering. 

  1. Dimmer lights – If you want more control over the lighting elements in your bathroom, it is a good idea to install dimmer lights. These can be fitted easily in small spaces such as the powder room and can essentially allow you to set the mood of the bathroom by controlling the lighting levels.

Ensure you select an incandescent dimmer for 120-volt incandescent or halogen light sources and compatible dimmers for low-voltage and fluorescent fixtures. 


Iqaluit Dental Clinic suggests you invest in bathroom floor lighting options to infuse the space with more ambient light. Motion-activated bathroom floor lighting feels more flattering and offers a softer light that is more suitable when you need to use the bathroom in the early morning or in the middle of the night.

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