Mark Roemer Oakland Examines If You Should Hire a Professional for All  Home Renovations


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, you should always consider hiring a professional for projects that involve large structural changes within the home. These include electrical, roofing, and ductwork. Even if you are capable of completing the work, you must think about the long-term ramifications of not hiring a professional that could cost you money in repair costs. Not to mention, you put your life at risk.

The Factors

Here are a few factors that would allow you to decide whether you should hire a professional for all home renovations:

  1. Time and energy investment – Home renovations projects require you to devote a lot of time and energy and it can become impossible to handle such projects if you are a working professional or lead a complicated personal life. Thus, you must ask yourself whether you would be able to commit to the entire duration of the project with adequate time and energy without sacrificing the needs of your daily work and private life.

Most people are short of time and would benefit greatly from hiring a general contractor who can take care of important responsibilities including hiring subcontractors, obtaining general permits, scheduling inspections, procuring finishes, and more.

  1. Money – If you have a limited budget, it might be worth it to avoid hiring general contractors since they usually charge between 10-20 percent of the project’s overall cost. In such cases, it would make more sense to hire skilled professionals such as licensed electricians, reliable plumbers, and reputed woodworkers to help you with the home renovation project.

However, if the project expenses are well within your budget, it can be worth the extra money to hire a general contractor who can provide additional help with obtaining the necessary permits, materials, and also give you a rough estimate before the project begins. Ensure you obtain quotes from multiple contractors before selecting one suitable for the project.

  1. The scope of the project – If you have the necessary experience and skills required to handle renovation projects, it could be worthwhile to complete small home renovation projects such as adding bookshelves, wallpapering, painting, etc. However, large home renovation projects that involve replacing or redoing structural components such as plumbing, HVAC, electricals require a permit. In such cases, you either have to obtain a license or hire a licensed contractor for the project.

Additionally, if you need to renovate multiple rooms such as bathroom tile renovation and kitchen renovation, it can become impossible to supervise everything alone. It’s recommended that you hire a general contractor in such cases since they have the necessary expertise and experience required to handle the many moving parts involving large projects.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you hire professional help if you need to renovate multiple rooms or if you are not a DIY person. In such cases, paying for a contractor would allow you to avoid unnecessary stress associated with obtaining permits, purchasing tools and materials, and managing home responsibilities.

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