Outdoor Deck Designs and Ideas

Great Outdoor Deck Designs and Ideas

As you’re evaluating options for adding an outdoor deck, the design possibilities can be understandably overwhelming. The size, shape, style, and levels of an outdoor deck are all up to you. While the first decision should probably be surrounding what is feasible given things like the existing home structure and the slope of the land around it, your next choices can be focused on what you want most from the deck and how those kinds of designs fit into your budget.

Covered or Uncovered?

Many people like the idea of a porch with a roof on it so that they can look out over their property or the nearby countryside even during the rain. However, adding a roof can be an expensive addition and reduce your budget for the deck itself, meaning a smaller or simpler one is needed. If you want a little bit of both worlds, some families opt for a traditional uncovered deck but install a retractable sunshade over part of it, allowing both a cooler spot on hot days and some basic rain protection.

Screened, Glassed, or Open?

Just as the question “roof or not” matters, the “walls or not” question also is important. Do you want your patio to have screens to protect against bugs, or even glass walls so that you are essentially indoors? These options make the project more expensive but can also add comfort if you know that you wouldn’t spend as much time outside if it was fully open to the elements. At the same time, many outdoor decks are designed for the open air, being a spot for grilling or sitting out under the stars, so open sides can be the ideal look if that’s what you want!

Optional Amenities: Kitchens, Spa, Pool, Oh My!

Once you’ve nailed down the basic elements of your deck and started to price them out, it’s fun to decide how you’ll use the space. Some people opt to add storage and counterspace to essentially make their deck an outdoor kitchen, upping the ante from just having a basic grill. Others want to relax in a hot tub or even install a pool, so make sure you’ve considered these features before you decide on a final deck design so that you will actually use the deck as you originally intended.

No matter how you opt to use your outdoor deck design, make sure that when you opt to sell your home, you get the insight of a great real estate agent to figure out how to market the deck. A good staging plan can be helpful to showing potential buyers just how luxurious or comfortable a deck space can be. While it’s best to invest what you’re willing to spend on a deck, a well-marketed home can gain some value from having this additional amenity, it just usually isn’t a 100% ROI. At the same time, choosing features that aren’t substantially more expensive but are appealing, such as adding that sunshade if you don’t want a covered deck all the time, may pay off because you gain more interested buyers overall and receive multiple competitive offers.

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