Six Ways To Create More Space Within Your Home

Our comfort within the home is generally improved with space. While some may find smaller homes and more compact spaces cosy, there is a general consensus that having more room within which to occupy ourselves and our belongings is beneficial to both our daily routines and our wellness.

While it may seem that the properties we occupy have only a finite amount of space, there are often a number of ways in which we can improve or even add more space to our homes. Some might involve an investment of time and money but others can be quick, easy, and affordable adjustments to our interior design, while some might only be a tweak that, while minor, completely changes the impression of a room’s capacity.

Optimum Storage

Being able to conceal lesser-used items within a home, such as vacuums or blankets, helps to alleviate an abundance of clutter, not only contributing to the general tidiness of a home but also its space. While storage may seem somewhat limited, there are often clever ways that it can be optimised. Large items of furniture, for example, can double up as a storage space, sofas and beds that allow for draws to be kept within them.

Vertical Design

We are inclined to design our living spaces horizontally and with our own perspectives in mind. While this is conducive to comfort, there are few reasons why we should also include a greater verticality within our living spaces. By raising items off the ground and allowing them to occupy vertical space, on shelves and hooks, we relieve our floor plans of objects and make use of a home’s extra dimension.

Outbuilding Support

Having a garden is advantageous for a number of reasons, one of which is floor space. These outdoor areas can often be useful as a space upon which to establish new outbuildings, expanding a property’s floor space with an entirely new room.

Summer houses, shed conversions, and log cabins each offer a home a great amount of space, expanding the potential of its utility, whether that’s a private office, creative studio, or even a space for guests!

Knock Down Walls

There is a reason that open-plan living spaces are becoming even more popular, with a greater amount of non-essential walls being knocked down across the country. The space that such a design allows within a home is often great, improving not only the quality of living but also the value of a property.

Turn Up The Light

A brighter home is an expansive home and those residents that allow for a greater amount of natural light within their living spaces feel less confined than shaded alternatives. While this tweak is only psychological, the difference clear and larger windows can make is often surprising!

Extend Your Space

One of the most expensive methods of creating more space within a property, for both wallets and schedules, is the home extension. However, building a new room or expanding an existing one is one of the most effective ways to improve the capacity of a living space and, for those serious about making the investment, it also has the best returns.

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