Telltale Signs You Require a Chimney Sweep & Cleaning

Handful folks regularly consider chimney sweeps. In reality, those of us who have chimneys in our residences are prone to overlooking this necessary task. The average homeowner already has a long list of tasks to complete. Another thing to be concerned about — and pay for — is chimney sweeps.

Whether you like it or not, if your house has a working chimney, you’ll have to schedule regular chimney sweeps. Disregarding this aggravating maintenance task can lead to indoor air quality issues, structural failure, and sometimes even house fires. Instead of taking chances with a problem such as this, schedule your chimney sweep as soon as possible.

But how do you know when a chimney sweep is required? Chimneys should be professionally inspected at least once a year, according to the National Fire Protection Association. This does not rule out the possibility of a sweeping each year. The essential thing is not to wait too long.

Assume you can’t recall when your chimney was last inspected, assessed, or swept. What are some warning signs that your chimney needs to be cleaned?

Dirt and debris buildup

When your fire pit has accumulated at least a quarter-inch of soot, it’s time to consult a chimney expert. Every year, numerous house fires are caused by clogged chimneys. If left alone, the distillate that accumulates within the chimney can become combustible and unsafe, starting to cause fissures in the concrete blocks and cement surrounding it.

Bad Odours

An accumulation of creosote is likely to blame for odors emerging from your chimney when it isn’t in use. After using your chimney, creosote and soot innately gather in the flue. They can cause a significant chimney risk of fire if left to accumulate for too long. Getting your chimney swept will remove this, ensuring no unwelcome ignition. This is an essential step in preventing chimney fires.

Your fireplace is outdated and requires restoration

Almost everything in our world can be worn in terms of age. There comes a time when a human being can’t even go for a run because of weak bones. An old house with an old fireplace is no match for the work of time. If you recently acquired a home that needs a remodel, ensure you assess the needs of the fireplace as well.

Hiring chimney cleaning Santa Monica professionals to conduct an inspection and sweep is an excellent starting point. Moreover, you’ll be able to discover other problems associated with the aging chimney.

Lack of airflow up the chimney

Are you one to light up a fire often in your house? Well, it’s not a bad thing to bring some warmth to your home; however, neglecting to have your chimney checked is another story.

Frequently, most chimneys get clogged up due to a buildup of soot in plenty. This buildup can cause smoke not to rise in the chimney as it does. Also, the layers of creosote prevent the air from flowing in. If there is no sign of good airflow despite being windy outside, it’s time to call in the professionals.

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