The Importance of Fencing in Home Security


Fencing isn’t just about aesthetics. It works to improve the overall security of your home in many ways. If you’re on the fence about making some home improvements this is one thing that should be at the top of the list. You can do it yourself or get professionals for the job by searching for a “fencing company near me”. Let’s check out the importance of fencing in home security:

The Details

  1. Cost-effective security – Certain home improvement measures can be very costly while others aren’t effective. For instance, security cameras and alarms may provide you with proof against invaders, burglars, and thieves, but they aren’t a strong enough deterrent and can be easily passed by. On the other hand, while an armed security team is very effective, they are reserved for the affluent. Fencing is a good middle-ground that’s effective and affordable. Whether you go for wood, barbed wire, or metal fences, all of them can improve the security of your home and are powerful visual deterrents against people with questionable motives.
  1. Security and safety – This is an obvious advantage of installing a fence. Your property becomes more secure with the right kind of fencing around it. It protects your home, your family members, and also your valuables. Even if you live in the safest neighborhood or the safest city in the world, crime doesn’t need a lot of motivation and may be committed by the best of us. Fencing your property is the precaution you take against such crimes. As mentioned above, it also acts as a visual deterrent to intruders and trespassers so that they keep off your property. Think of it as a lock. All locks are broken. However, it helps to keep honest people honest and drives away or at least acts as the first line of defense against people with bad motives. Fencing also helps to protect your property when you aren’t home.
  1. Privacy – Privacy is a major concern in the age of social media. While you may not be able to keep social media giants from listening in on your conversations, you can keep curious eyes away from your property with fencing. Without a fence around your property, you are exposed to the outside world, especially if you live in a modern home with tall glass windows and large entrances. Whether you’re sunbathing, hanging out with your family in the backyard pool, or watching a movie with your partner, it’s uncomfortable knowing that someone may be watching you. That’s why most buyers nowadays prefer to buy a fenced property. It assures them of their privacy and keeps the curiosity of neighbors and passing strangers at bay.

However, you need to choose the right kind of fence for privacy. For instance, a metal chain-linked or mesh fence doesn’t provide you any form of privacy. Instead, you should go for a high fence made from solid panels made of wood, metal, or vinyl. It completely blocks the outside view, and the height of the fence also discourages burglars. However, make sure to not go overboard and build a tall fence that makes your property stick out like a sore thumb in the neighborhood. It can also trigger a negative response from your local housing committee.

  1. Marks your boundary – Sometimes your security may be compromised in more ways than you can imagine. For instance, people are often unaware of their property lines and trespass into their neighbor’s side without knowing. It usually doesn’t matter if there is goodwill among you and your neighbor, but a misunderstanding can quickly escalate into a lawsuit. A set boundary prevents others from drifting into your property by mistake and the other way around. When you install a fence, you need to survey the property line and discuss it with your neighbor so that there are no misconceptions in the future.

You can also install the fence with your neighbor as a joint project and share the cost. Knowing your property line also helps you plan out things like landscaping, a swing, and an outdoor pool more efficiently without encroaching on other people’s space and inviting expensive lawsuits.

  1. Weather and noise protection – Humans aren’t the only ones capable of destroying your valuables. Bad weather can also do the same. Your backyard and landscaping features may be damaged due to high winds and during severe weather strikes, the damage is further amplified. A fence helps you avoid that. A properly installed high fence would redirect strong winds away from your property and keep your valuables safe.

Apart from strong winds, your fence also protects you from loud noise. The fence acts as a wall that dampens the noise and if you use the right kinds of materials, you can enhance the noise reduction. Loud noise is very stressful, especially for children and pests. A fence helps you maintain the peace and quiet in your home in numerous ways.

  1. Protection from pests – If you have a garden or an orchard, there are high chances of inviting pests, both big and small. Small pests like insects can be kept away with certain methods. However, it’s difficult to contain larger pests like rabbits and deer. Even if they don’t eat your produce, they can damage the crops very easily. A fence can help you avoid that. Moreover, when wild animals enter your property, they can also provoke your pet and trigger a response. You don’t want your dog chasing after a rabbit and jumping out onto the street. That’s why fencing is very important.


By now you must be aware of the security benefits of a fence and how it can help make your property safer in many ways. Apart from that it also increases the value of your home and helps you get a better price during reselling. That’s why you should get a fence as soon as possible. If installing a fence seems overwhelming, you’re not alone. Outsource the job to professionals by searching for a “fencing company near me”.

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