What condo upgrades are worth it?

When it comes to condo renovation or upgrades, many people ask different types of questions, such as “What condo upgrades are worth it?” “Are condo upgrades worth it?” and lots more. However, this write-up aims to bring to light the condo renovation or upgrades that are worth the investment and effort. Read more.

What Condo Upgrades Are Worth It?

There are different types of condo upgrades: some are based on trends while others provide real and lasting value to the condo. As a result, you should invest in timeless condo renovation. Here are condo upgrades that are worth it:

1. Kitchen Upgrade

Start your condo renovation from the kitchen with the cabinets. Upgrade the appearance of your cabinet by refacing or refinishing it. Refinish your cabinet with a medium grey hue or any colour that matches your preferred colour palette. Change the hardware on the cabinet to modern styles. You can pair pulls and use a contrasting knob. Remember to upgrade the kitchen doorknobs also for a bespoke appeal. Another crucial kitchen upgrade is the countertop. You can mix different materials to create a contrast between the main counters and the island top. Do not leave out the backlash to complete the upgrade.

2. Bathroom Upgrade

Another condo renovation you should consider is the bathroom. Tile the bathroom from the floor to the ceiling to create a polished look. It will create a feeling of relaxation. Take out the curtains and install a glass shower panel or change the bathroom door to a glass door. Do not forget to replace the bathroom vanity with a new one with legs to open space and make the bathroom look spacious.

3. Living Room Upgrade

The first condo renovation you should consider for the living room is lighting. If you have a concrete ceiling, which makes it difficult to add extra lighting, you can add a dropped ceiling panel to allow the installation of pendants or pot lights. You will get rid of harsh shadows and dim spots. You can also invest in hardwood flooring to change the feel of the home. Finally, work on the wall and make it a focal point of the living room by affixing a large mirror to open the space.

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