Get A Clear Picture Of Your Drain With Cctv Drain Survey

It is very essential to keep a check of whether your drainage system is functioning properly or not. Therefore, to check up on the health of your pipeline, it is necessary to ensure that your drainage system is functioning properly. With the help of a CCTV drain survey, you can very easily get to know the condition of your drainage system. It is not just a quick process; it is also very precise and causes minimal disruption. By using cameras, the survey can help in identifying the issues very easily.

How Does A Drainage Survey Work?

The working of the survey system is pretty simple and easy to understand. In this method, a camera is placed inside a manhole or rodding eye. Once the camera is placed inside it is operated from outside and live pictures of the working are captured from inside. The camera travels through the pipeline and all the footage and the overall distance it travels are recorded. The footage from the camera allows the operator to see the issues and rectify them.

What Equipments Are Used For Drainage Survey?

For a drain survey, the site is visited by a waste management specialist. The specialist utilizes several tools and equipment to conduct the survey.

The Key Tools Are As Follows:

·        Cameras:

The most important tool required for the survey, high-definition and waterproof cameras are used to conduct the survey. These cameras are responsible for capturing and delivering live pictures from underneath the water flow in the drain. This allows the operator to see inside the drain very clearly.

·        Access Rods And Crawlers:

With the help of access rods, the operator can push the camera around inside the drainage system. On the other hand, crawlers that are remote-controlled allow the operator to navigate deep into the drainage systems. This in turn offers great accessibility to the operators as they can get a really good picture of the inside.

·        Sonar:

This plays a severely important role for surveys where having visual access is nearly impossible. These systems enable the operators to have an insight into the pipelines and judge the condition.

Why Drainage Survey Is Beneficial?

With the help of a drainage survey, you can gain a clear insight of all the issues inside your drainage system irrespective if it is major or minor. You can very easily detect issues like, blockages, leakages or burst pipes, collapsed drain, corrosion, and several other issues. Moreover, with a drain survey, you can ensure that your drainage system is in optimal condition and has no issues whatsoever. It also reduces the risk of minor problems evolving into major ones and giving rise to greater hassles leading to greater costs.

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